If you can see me in your rearview…GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Let’s Drive a Cop Car!

You may have seen the preview to the new movie “Let’s Be Cops” that comes out on August 13th, but I’ve been doing that for WAY longer than that trailer has been out!

You may remember my last seven vehicles consisting of 3 Escalade EXTs, 1 Escalade, 1 Escalade Platinum, 1 1996 Corvette, and 1 2007 Corvette Z06. However, as of this past March, I have none of those. In preparation of the 2015 Corvette Z06 that comes out next spring, I traded in my last Escalade. I drive about 130 miles one way to work and I hated putting all those miles and wear and tear on the Cadillac. In deciding on what I wanted, I couldn’t really think of anything else I wanted. I’ve always liked having a unique vehicle, so I had to think of something no one else had. I knew it was going to be a GM, so that narrowed it down a bit. I also knew I needed to be able to haul kids and occasionally pull a trailer…that I have to borrow. The only other vehicle that I knew I liked when I saw one was the Police Package Tahoes. So…I started looking. You can actually buy them…but they are stripped down to bare bones and don’t even have carpet. I then realized I had to think of something else so my wife would at least ride in it. I called my salesperson at the Cadillac dealership and told him what I was thinking about. Within a week I had a black on black 2013 Tahoe LT. When I got it…it looked like this:


In three days I had put new wheels and tires, lowered it 2 inches, removed the luggage rack, installed a push bar, tinted the windows, installed a navigation head unit, and DVD headrests (a must have for kids). Now…it looks like this:


Yes, I know, it looks just like a cop car. It’s not that I want to look like a cop…I just think the blacked out police package Tahoes look badass. It definitely has it’s advantages though. About 95% of the time…people will do everything they can to get out of my way in the fast lane. Yes…unbelievably…there are some that still do not get over. Also, either all cops have been instructed to be more friendly, or they think I am also a cop and they all wave at me. Not wanting to be an ass…I simply wave back. This MAY have prevented me from getting a ticket…3 times. On the other hand, it has its disadvantages as well. Like when driving on a two lane road, you can guarantee that the car in front of me will not travel 1 mph over the speed limit. I’m like…WTF?! Then I’m like…oh yeah, I look like a cop. It also makes me drive better…like I need to set an example or something. You know…like using turn signals, letting people in, staying within range of the speed limit, etc. I actually had one lady let it be known to me that she was reporting me because I passed her in the right lane. Nevermind she was, you guessed it, going slow in the fast lane.

Anyway, the gas mileage is a little better…20 mpg…and I don’t mind putting miles on it. Of course the payments are cheaper, as well as the insurance. Looks like it has saved me some ticket money too.

Speaking of saving money…that’s the main reason for the change. Like I said before, the 2015 Corvette Z06 comes out next year and I plan to have one. This thing has 650 horsepower and 650 foot pounds of torque with a 0-60 time that will undoubtedly be in the low 3s. They haven’t released the price yet…but I’ve received an email from a nationally known corvette dealer that it will be announced at the end of this month. If I have to get rid of my police car…I mean Tahoe…or a kidney…I WILL own one!



One response

  1. B. Wall

    Ha, that’s pretty good right there! I bet the cops get back to the precinct and try to figure out who’s got that Tahoe that’s tighter than theirs.

    August 8, 2014 at 8:06 pm

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