If you can see me in your rearview…GET OUT OF THE WAY!


OK…so now I’m a blogger.

Welcome to my shiny new blog, “Road Ragin’.”  I’ve found myself road raging more than ever lately, grappling with concepts of road construction, stop & go traffic, horsepower, torque, and most of all idiot drivers.  I’ve probably been talking about it way too much to my wife, mom, friends (including one who is a State Trooper), and employees…who probably feel obligated to listen to me because I out-rank them. Not to mention my wife has been hounding me lately to write a blog (as if I need something else to put on my schedule), so here it is! I am passionate about driving, and if you have to drive anywhere around Baton Rouge, you know the traffic around here provides ample topics to write about.  So…with wanting to please my wife and to provide  myself with a much needed outlet to blow off steam…my life as a blogger has begun. If you are looking for a place to find the meaning of life, how to be the perfect husband, if black holes really do exist, all free of grammatical errors…please continue to search, because this ain’t the place.