If you can see me in your rearview…GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Pet Peeves of the Road

Here I will try to compile a complete list of things that happen on the road that absolutely make my road rage flare out of control. I will update this from time to time and try to keep it in order of precedence with #1 being the thing that makes me rage the most. Feel free to comment with your pet peeve of the road and I will add them to the list where I see fit. Enjoy!

  1. Someone driving slow (or the speed limit) in the fast lane.
  2. Someone driving slow, in any lane, because they somehow cannot seem to drive the speed limit while talking on their cell phone.
  3. 18-wheelers who seem to wait for you to attempt to pass them, then shoot to the left lane to make a pass themselves (usually doing 1 more mph than the vehicle they are passing).
  4. Same as above but add the fact that there is usually no one behind you that would keep them from making a pass after you overtake them.
  5. Someone tailgating you in the fast lane when there is no possible way for you to change lanes or traffic is piled up in front of you moving the same speed.
  6. Law enforcement officials see no need to direct traffic as it starts to build up behind an accident (sometimes even blocking a travel lane themselves).
  7. My wife…who scares the s%*t out of me when she drives.
  8. Drivers who REFUSE to use their turn signals (I actually try to start a trend sometimes when I drive, using my signals when not really needed…like when pulling into a parking spot). Maybe it will catch on…probably not.
  9. If the sign says: “TRUCKS USE RIGHT LANE ONLY,” this does not mean pick-up trucks. I’m talking to you Big Rig drivers!
  10. If you are pulling a vehicle to a different country, at least spell “In-Toe” correctly.
  11. If I motion for you to get in front of me on the main road from your seemingly lost position of the Wal-Mart parking lot…at least thank me by giving me a wave or mouthing “Thank You.” It’s the times that you don’t that make me wish I had a car with those old school 1970’s style chrome bumpers.
  12. I like to retain the looks of my vehicles. If I park way out in the parking lot to discourage others from parking next to me…don’t be an a$$hole.

2 responses

  1. Linda RN

    Amen to the part about using signal lights and giving a ‘thank you’ signal. Those two things get on my nerves more than anything….and more so the ‘thank you’ thing. Must be ‘like mother like son’…I so want to run my car into theirs when they have been so RUDE!! Oh, to add another…someone with their signal light on for miles and miles and miles. There should be a loud announcement on all cars telling you your signal light has been on for more than 1 minute!!!!!

    January 25, 2012 at 7:31 am

  2. Barry

    Women in minivans, soccer moms in Suburbans, and dump trucks! Also big rigs and dump trucks starting to pass right before going up a big hill. Happens all the time on 77 between Wytheville and Mt. Airy! Can’t tell you the number of times I have flipped them off or pulled in front of them and slowed way down going up the next hill only to gun in halfway up while flipping them off out the window!

    January 25, 2012 at 2:12 pm

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